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Website of the Town Hall: www.mairie-fleurieusursaone.fr




panorama fleurieu



A genuine village

  • A population of 1300 inhabitants encouraging closer human relationships.

  • A local housing mainly composed of private homes, of few council housing estates and no big blocks of county flats. Also, the rural aspect of the oldest part of the village represents a quiet and peaceful environment and contributes to its safe general atmosphere.

  • An active community life for people of all ages.

  • The village Hall and other places in the village allow us to accommodate large groups and to organize different local fairs.

  • Sports and leisure equipments: a multipurpose hall, a skate-park, a marina.

  • Several local annual festivals: Biscuit festival, roasted piglet festival, year class festival, music festival, and more…

  • A kindergarten and a primary school.

  • Hiking trails are available from downtown Fleurieu that will lead you to wonderful walks and outstanding views from the surrounding hills.

  • Worth seeing: a one-of-a-kind industrial activity from the past, « le bleu Guimet ». Directly connected to our history of science and to art.


mairie  église florebo 
 La mairie
 L' église  "Semper Florebo"
skate-park  Rontand
 Le skate park
 L' île du Rontant
 madone  école
 Notre Dame des Bruyères
 L'école de Fleurieu



A natural environment 

  • A natural environment of great quality and variety: The Mont d’Or Hills, la Dombes and its lakes, The Beaujolais and its vineyards, the Saône Valley.


Dombes  Beaujolais
 La Dombes
 Le Beaujolais




An urban environment

Lyon, third biggest city in France is located only 15km from Fleurieu and can be reached in 20mn with public transport.

  • A major touristic site: the gallo-roman remains, the old city (Unesco World Heritage Site) and the neighborhood of la Croix-Rousse which is directly associated with the history of silk industry and its Canuts ; More than 10 museums to visit ; Numerous monuments ; The hills of Lyon, its views and its rivers.

  • Major cultural assets : museums, theatres, opera, auditorium, famous events or festivals (Biennale de la danse, Biennale d’art contemporain, Nuits de Fourvière), exhibitions.

  • First ranked resources in the fields of knowledge, education and health: universities, libraries, research laboratories, major university hospitals.

  • Numerous sports equipments and famous athletic clubs: ASVEL, OL.

  • Second industrial and economical site after Paris: numerous businesses including a large number of high ranked technologies, International Fair and famous professional exhibitions.

 Le palais de la Bourse
 Fourvière et Saint Jean
 Saint Jean  mur peint
 La cathédrale Saint Jean
 Mur peint
 parc TO  Opéra
 Le parc de la Tête d'Or



How to get about …

Thanks to its developed network of communication means: its public transports, its international airport, its trains (including its TGV), its regional bus lines. 

-Thanks to other border provinces, easily accessible and favorable to short travels and nice trips: Savoie, Dauphiné, Massif du Pilat, Bourgogne …

- One step farther: The Mont Blanc only a 2 hour-drive and the Mediterranean Sea a 3 hour-drive.



Firmly rooted local traditions and cultures 


Local celebrations: 8th December and Lights Festival in Lyon; Beaujolais Nouveau, the third Thursday of November; The conscripts Festival in Villefranche-sur-Saône, the last Sunday of January.


A local star: Guignol and its theater; its impertinence made him a famous puppet character of Lyon.


Gastronomy and wine growing: Beaujolais vintage, frog legs, chicken à la crème, quenelles, including lots of starred restaurants or most modest « bouchons » and also country restaurants with their rich and tasty cuisine.


Guignol et Gnafron  le pot de beaujolais  le bouchon lyonnais
 Guignol et Gnafron
 Le pot Lyonnais
 Un "bouchon" Lyonnais
 le saucisson chaud lyonnais Paul Bocuse  8 12 St Jean 
 Le saucisson chaud Lyonnais
Paul Bocuse: le restaurant
8 décembre: Fête des lumières
La grande roue  Roller  Biennale danse
La grande roue
 Lugdunum Roller Contest
 La biennale de la danse


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